How A 37 Betrayed Year-Old Mom Got Her Life Back & Saved Her Marriage!

How A 37 Betrayed Year-Old Mom Got Her Life Back & Saved Her Marriage!

…and how you can do it too!




Hello there! I’m Audrey..

I know what’s its like to be in major pain because your husband cheated on you.

Fact is..I still remember it (the pain), as if it was yesterday.

I was (at the time) married for 8 years and everything in our life was perfect..

Things were going the way I wanted and life was great!

I was happy!

Then within the blink of an eye…

My whole world went upside down!

I was going crazy, I hated my husband with a passion, I had images in my head I couldn’t get out, I couldn’t stop crying etc.

Well to put it in in 5 words…

I was living a nightmare!!

That was my life then!

I know how terrible it can be for you right now..

Don’t worry though..I’m here to help you.

I can show you the best way to completely heal from an affair, whether it happened recently or several months ago.

I can help you save your marriage and get your life back together

(and perhaps even make it better than it was before)






Our little life was perfect…

(A typical day in our life) 

Our two beautiful kids were doing well in school, my husband and I had great jobs that we just had been promoted to and great friends to go along too!

On most days, I picked the kids at school after work and took them to their activities. While I was busy, Shawn always prepared dinner for all of us so we could all eat together.


Kids often left earlier to either play latest their  xbox games or to spend a ridiculous amount of time on Facebook.

 We gladly took those moments away from the kids to catch up on how our days went and talk about everything and anything..

After we were done cleaning everything (table, dishes, etc) we usually ended our evening cuddling  and watching a movie together or just listening to music while sipping some wine..

I loved the life and family we had created!

I was looking to grow old with Shawn.

Life was beautiful.

Sure, we had our ups and down and our little disagreement, but it’s what made our relationship special.

I wasn’t however prepared (can we ever be?) for one special evening when Shawn told me that he had been having an affair with another women for quite some time….

In one instant I was completely devastated, stunned and shocked!

I couldn’t believe it…

Everything we had built together was gone just like that…

I didn’t know what to do or what to say… So I completely locked myself up to him and became ice cold!

I spent the whole night in the bathroom crying…Couldn’t help it…

I cried for several hours and felt like every bones in my body wanted to get out..

I felt abused and helpless..

- How could he gamble our relationship just like that???
- Why me??  Why hurt me?..

I was like a crazy cocktail of anger, denial, grief and at a complete loss of self esteem.

It took me a while to somehow get back to my senses but I did, so I confronted Shawn and asked him for the truth…

While he showed remorse and apologized, he was still evasive about the truth and the details about the affair.

I couldn’t keep still, I shouted at him and called him all kinds of name.

This scenario kept on going for several weeks..

I felt like I was going crazy and losing my mind. Worst I couldn’t get images out of my head imagining Shawn touching  seeing another woman

I had so many questions…

- Will I ever be able to trust him again?
- Will he do it again?
- How will the kids react?
- Will I ever be able to forgive him?

That’s when I realized I needed help…

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to save my marriage or not , but I needed answers so I started to dig the internet to find some answers.

Marriage counseling was our first option.. 
We both decided we would go into therapy to help figure things out.

We attended few sessions together but we didn’t get the results we expected.

We were encouraged to go alone to talk more freely about our situation hoping that it would help but it was still be tense at home despite our dozens or so sessions.

So we ended up not going because we didn’t feel we were getting the results we wanted and we couldn’t afford the cost of an ongoing therapy…

However I really benefited from talking to someone about my situation. knowing that what I was going through (emotions) was normal and that I was (unfortunately) not alone in this situation gave me some reliefs.

Regardless… Our couple was still in pieces, I was still hurt inside and I still felt betrayed.

I decided to look more into books and I was as much if not more disappointed when I started to read books I ordered out of amazon..

They were either outdated with advice good for the 70s, or too evasise and too general to act on it. Some were full of stereotypes such as..

“woman should not gain 1 pound more or it is grounds for an affair.

“it is normal for a man to want to leave his wife if she changes her looks from the day they married.”

- Seriously?!!

- Like if we were to blame for our husband’s affair..!

- Outrageous.. Those are type of books that should be banned!!

The situation at home wasn’t getting any better, Shawn still apologized for what he did and showed remorse but didn’t/couldn’t open up about the affair..

It enraged me.. I needed to know the truth…I needed to know why!!

But despite everything.. I still loved my husband!

I needed time to heal and recover from everything but it felt like nothing was working and it was only getting worse as time went by.

I was seriously thinking about giving up on my marriage..

That is until I found (almost by accident) a forum post from a woman who said she had completely healed and saved her marriage from disaster and that “it” was literally her life saver…



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Audrey L.